Event Package Price List Updated January 2020Prices are paid in British Pound via Bank transfer.
    Prices and services can be tailored according to your specific requirements after a risk assessment approved from both parties.
    Awarded contract will be subject to a minimum 5 hours contractual fee.
    (Subject to terms & Conditions: a minimum of 5 hours contractual work fee / payment must be paid 72 hours before the start of the event)

Iis one area of security that requires an intelligent & highly experienced approach. We understand that a major factor in success of any event supported by cutting edge technology, is it management experience & security expertise. Our highly trained & experienced team will be committed to ensure everything runs as planned in conjunction with in site-specificbriefings, to make any event safe & successful. No matter the size of your event, no matter the need or the requirements of your event, we will supply the right personnel.We will provide the highest level of security in all the roles to fit your precise event requirements. Eurofirst Security Limited provides fully licensed personnel to :

    • Presidential Election Venues
    • Private Events
    • Bodyguarding and Close Protection
    • Award Ceremonies
    • Private Members Club
    • Theatres & Cinemas
    • Auctions
    • Museums
    • Sport Facilities
Platinum Package

Platinum Package

£18,8per hr / Officer
Full Security Service package includes : VIP High profile Event
Event Package Price List
Gold Package

Gold Package

£17,4per hr / Officer
Semi Security Service package includes : Substantial Level of risk Event
Event Package Price List
Silver Package

Silver Package

£16,2per hr / Officer
Standard Security service includes : Low Level of risk event
Event Package Price List